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Latest Highway 14 Construction Updates.


SP 5202-58 TH 14 (Nicollet to New Ulm) Weekly Project Update October 10, 2023


All aggregate placement for the TH 14 mainline (eastbound & westbound) has been essentially completed. The concrete paving contractor is currently on the project trimming the aggregate that has been placed in preparation for concrete pavement placement for profile grade and cross-slope. It is anticipated that concrete paving for mainline TH 14 will re-commence by the end of this week, weather dependent. The early focus for concrete paving will occur in the area of 571st eastbound, the intersections of 571st & 561st, and then progressing with the completion of the westbound lanes and finally all remaining eastbound lanes. The placement of the concrete median wall between 571st & 561st will progress once enough strength is gained on the eastbound concrete roadway, and the curb & gutter will commence around the same time. A number of concrete turn lanes will be constructed once the appropriate amount of strength has been attained by the adjacent concrete pavement. The remaining work will consist of the placement of aggregate and bituminous pavement for the outside shoulders for eastbound & westbound TH 14, all lighting systems (571st to 561st and the intersection of TH 14 & CSAH 21), striping and signage amongst other addition safety related items. It is anticipated that the roadway will be opened to the traveling public prior to the end of November. Once TH 14 is opened to the traveling public, work will continue with the primary focus on entrances (field & residential), pond construction and remaining turf establishment and erosion/sediment control device installation. Some work may have a limited impact on the traveling public.


The traveling public should be aware that the intersection of CSAH 21 and TH 14 is currently closed in order to allow for the progression of the grading and paving work for both westbound and eastbound lanes. The City of Courtland residents or people having business in the City of Courtland, will use CSAH 25 or CSAH 12 to CSAH 24 starting on September 14. Please watch for the traffic condition change or modifications to the date of opening/closing of roadways.

Bituminous paving work in the area of CSAH 37 and the “on & off” ramps as well as the bridge are open to local traffic. *It should be noted that there will be no access to or from Township Roads 446th & 448th Streets. (gravel roads north of CSAH 37 interchange).

Residents of the Kohn development (Jeremy Drive, Kohn Drive) should be prepared to be traveling via head-to-head traffic on westbound TH 14 starting Wednesday, August 23 via Shady Drive. Please note: There is a 3-way STOP condition, including on TH 14 westbound at the intersection with MPM. The traveling public should be prepared for multiple minor traffic control changes in order to accommodate the progression of the construction process. It is anticipated that access will be provide to 561st (Minnesota Valley Lutheran School) by the end of November along TH 14.




*Temporary access to Minnesota Valley Lutheran School (MVL) may be accomplished via Nicollet County 21 to 561st. This access may be in place until the completion of the TH 14 roadway surface, expected by mid-November, with the intention to provide access to MVL from the direction of New Ulm via the new TH 14.


*Local Residents are encouraged to sign-up for more timely notifications via the options indicated at the bottom of the page.

  • As a reminder, the TH 14 “Nicollet to New Ulm” public meeting will be held every other Tuesday at 1:00 at the Courtland Community Center. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 17, 2023.
  • The public and local traffic is encouraged to travel with caution within the project limits. Please be aware that construction activities may require changes of roadway conditions within a relatively short period of time.
  • The Department recognizes that the public may have questions or are curious as to the progression of the TH 14 The project staff (Hoffman Construction Co. & MnDOT) urges the public to not to travel within the project limits unless absolutely necessary, which is to say, to your residence or that of an acquaintance or a local business. Please avoid conversations or interactions with construction workers or vehicles as much as possible, the distraction may prevent the progression of work and be very dangerous for everyone. Finally, the public is being asked to please don’t access or otherwise visit or explore within the construction work area when construction activities are not actively occurring. This has been happening specifically for Evenings, Holidays or Weekends. Construction projects are inherently dangerous and changing conditions are typical. The project staff appreciates the public understanding in this matter.
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