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Highway 14 Courtland Bypass projected timeline for work 2023.


I would like to address rumors on dates and road closures. After correspondence with Hoffmann Construction and MNDOT then attending construction meeting Tuesday, they gave us a schedule of dates. Here is a recap of some of the important dates.
Plan to close 531st from Hwy 14 to 466th Monday April 17th. This will not be open again to the public as the plans for this project call for two dead ends on the north and south side of new Hwy 14.
-On Monday May 1st we will close CSAH 12 from Hwy 14 to 460th lane to begin the work of the tie in of new CSAH 12 that will run through the interchange. The new County 12 will not reopen till Mid-September
Approximately June 9th Hwy 14 will reopen from the Redstone quarry to Hwy 15. People from Shady Brook and MVL will also be accessing this way as will all the heavy traffic from the quarry. Pavement of the lanes from the quarry to 15 was completed last fall. After this date (June 9th) the culvert by Kohn ravine will be installed and traffic and there will be no access from Courtland to the west. Also old HWY 14 will be removed and construction of the new lanes to New Ulm will begin. I was also told the 37 interchange will be opening early summer as well, but is dependent on how the remaining construction goes as there is a fair amount to be done on those roundabouts.
Finally, the County 21 and Hwy 14 crossing east of Courtland will be closed Mid – September after the new County 12 reopens.
Dave Ubel
City of Courtland